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Lunch With Norm is your resource for everything from amazon, to e-commerce, to digital marketing, to social media, all in the form of a livestream podcast. Our aim is to arm the small business owner with the latest tools and advice from the experts that are making waves in the online space.

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Special Bonus Episode

In this episode Josh breaks down everything you need to know about breaking through to the ecommerce world. Josh provides some fantastic resources and strategies to start scaling your ecom business from scratch.

Episode 126

Designed from Scratch Concepts Founder Michael Kurtz shares with us important branding strategies that help to improve branding consistency and build brand awareness. We also critique and review our Beard Nation’s own logos that were sent in during the LIVE show.

Episode 125

We are talking retail and wholesale in this episode of Lunch with Norm! We are joined by the Co-Founder of OmegaNet Inc, Toni Ivey! We break down everything you need to know about getting started in the retail space. Have you thought about going to Brick & Mortar.

Episode 124

AmazonXperts CEO David Dayon shares with us strategies and tools to create a winning Amazon Listing in 2021. We go over mistakes, the Amazon 5665 error codes, and the best image optimization Practices for 2021.

Episode 122

In this episode, we break down costs, what its like to work and travel with you business & life partner, and product research strategies in 2021. Sumner and Ali also go over their Pinterest and Etsy strategies. Do you have dreams of becoming a digital nomad?

Episode 121

In today’s episode, we discuss how to you create content that sparks attention and tells a story? We also discuss when and why you should go to a professional for your product photos. Taylor packed this episode with a ton of golden nuggets.

Episode 120

We talk about the current affairs of Amazon and a whole bunch of tricks and tips for Amazon FBA sellers. In this episode, we talk about product opportunities in 2021, product innovation, relisting products and much, much more.

Episode 119

In this episode we give you everything you need to know about data privacy, and how to stay complicit with confusing and ever-changing data privacy laws. CEO, Tom McNamara is a compliance expert with a passion for Privacy and Data Protection.

Episode 118

In this episode, we dive deep into how Amazon and eCommerce brands can take advantage and differentiate your brand from the competition. We also touch on ways to compete with rival Chinese brands.

Episode 117

Afolabi Oyerokun is here to share with us how innovative products dominate the Amazon space and helps us understand that product innovation is an essential component of a successful business in today’s world.

Episode 116

Best selling author of  ‘The Hidden Rules Expert’ Ashley Armstrong is going to share with us how to successfully navigate the in’s and out’s of eCommerce to scale their businesses to 7-figures and beyond. 

Episode 115

Norm and Rand dive into what aspects of your business you need to focus on when looking to improve your visibility, building an audience and the importance of influencer marketing. And no… not the instagram bikini model kind.

Episode 114

In this episode we talk about RA, wholesale and just about everything under the sun. Elevate Brands buys, launches and operates consumer-leading Amazon brands and elevates them to their full potential.

Episode 113

Best known as the founder of Beast Gear, Ben Leonard is the classic millennial entrepreneur. He built a business on a laptop, in a cupboard, in his spare time. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of email marketing.

Episode 112

Michelle Love of EM Ford here to talk about the importance of ecommerce insurance for Amazon and Ecom sellers. EM Ford is a full-service independent insurance agency dedicated to protecting their clients for the past 95 years.

Episode 111

It’s time to talk keyword research with a very special guest – Director of Training and Chief Evangelist at Helium 10, Bradley Sutton! We dive into the do’s the don’ts and everything in between when developing a keyword strategy. 

Episode 110

Welcoming back our amazing social media expert from Helium 10 we have Cassandra Craven, We explore how live content can be help businesses become an authority in their field, foster a strong tribe, and give you an incredible library of content to repurpose from.

Episode 109

Returning back to the podcast today, we have Bill King! In today’s episode, we talk about the current issues businesses face with e-commerce growth and ways you can optimize your e-commerce conversions.

Episode 108

Amazon expert Kevin King is back for our monthly “Talking Shop” episode! We will talk about the current affairs of Amazon and a whole bunch of tricks and tips for Amazon FBA sellers. But best of all, we open up the floors to have your questions answered!


Host of AM/PM Podcast and co-founder of Private Label Legion. Tim shares with us his learnings and experiences of operating an eCommerce business and help the seller community-scale their businesses on Amazon!

Episode 107

BoxyCharm founder Yosef (Joe) Martin shares with us why subscription services are one of the best things you can do for your eCommerce business. With his unique vision as CEO, BoxyCharm quickly became a major disruptor in the online subscription beauty box industry.

Episode 106

Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting CEO Amy Wees shares with us how to write an Amazon listing that will help rank high in search! Amy will also share optimization tips that will do wonders for overall sales figures. 

Episode 105

We tackle how to optimize Amazon product listings to improve their search visibility. In this episode, we break down what Amazon sellers need to know about optimizing their image, title and bullet points.

Episode 104

OMG Commerce co-founder Chris Brewer is going to share the possibilities and pitfalls in the Google Marketplace opportunity for Amazon sellers. Chris Brewer is the co-founder of OMG Commerce.

Episode 103

In this episode, we dive into the big question of why should Amazon and eCommerce businesses care about cybersecurity? We go through what are small and micro businesses doing WRONG right now and some common misconceptions. 

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Norm Farrar “The Beard Guy”

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

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